Luxury In Thailand: Postcard From Picturesque Phuket

Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury

Summer may be coming to an end, but that certainly shouldn't stop you from planning a trip in the fall or winter somewhere warm where you can soak up the sun and swim in turquoise water. If you're looking to get  away from the cold weather in the next upcoming months, then look no further! Picturesque Phuket, with some of Thailand's most popular beaches, is your spot!

I still daydream about this vacation where everything looked out of a postcard, a whole year later! My husband and I planned the perfect trip last year for our honeymoon, and there isn't a thing that we would change. I know I say that about most of my trips but I spend so much time planning that they always surpass my expectations. From the resort, to our dining experiences,  and day trips, our stay in Thailand was nothing short of amazing.

Where To Stay

I may be a little biased about this resort, but rest assured that I compared several other resorts to this one, and nothing came close to beating the experience offered at Sri Panwa in Phuket, Thailand. Now let me be clear with saying that I have only been to Phuket, and there are so many other beautiful resort islands in Thailand,such as Koh Samui, but this time around I narrowed it down to Phuket, and I was not one bit dissapointed. 

One Bedroom Pool Villa At Sri Panwa

If I'm gonna be honest, I was sold on Sri Panwa the minute I saw the luxury pool villas. I've stayed in resorts where I had a private jacuzzi or a plunge pool in my back yard, like the one at Ayana Resort in Bali but I had never seen a pool wrapped up all around a bedroom before. The view from our bedroom was spectacular, due to our the glass doors and windows. Not only were we spoiled with our own infinity pool, but our villa was also equipped with an outdoor patio furnished with an extensive sofa, an outdoor shower that I took full advantage of, and a jet stream Jacuzzi as if the heated infinity pool wasn't enough! Oh, and did I mention the personal butler assigned to our villa?  Seriously, what else can a girl ask for?

Quick Tip: Sri Panwa is a luxury 5 star resort, therefore it is on the pricey side of things. However, if you are traveling as a group, they also have 2 and 3 bedroom villas that can accommodate larger groups, and if you split the cost, it might be more affordable. If you are traveling as a couple, like we were this obliviously does not apply to you 🙂 

What To Do

I may or may not be the right person to ask about what to do around Phuket because once again I spent most of my time at resort (I mean can you blame me? ) However, I can tell you that there are plenty of things to do around the resort such as Thai boxing, tennis lessons, snorkeling, boating, and certainly being pampered at the spa.

During our stay we took full advantage of one of the resort's iconic pool, located at at The Habitat, where they lodge the penthouse suites!

Its fair to say That Both Me and My Swam Enjoyed ourselves
Infinity Pool At The Habita, Sri Panwa



Our most favorite thing to do while on vacation is to watch sunsets, and Sri Panwa has just the spot to unwind on the evening while bidding the sun farewell. 

Baba Nest is without a doubt the most stylist rooftop bar that I've ever seen. It is quite hard to get a spot at sundowners for obvious reasons. We were fortunate enough to be one of the few that had the chance to experience such a beautiful scenery. Watching the sun set into the Adaman sea, while sitting next to the wrapped around infinity pool, as we sip on high-end cocktails is sight that I'll never forget. 

The Charles enjoying Sundowners at Baba Nest

Where To Go

If you only get the chance to do one thing while you are in Thailand, it must be a day trip to Phi Phi Islands

Located a short 90 minutes ride by speedboat, the Phi Phi islands are a group of islands nestled between Phuket and the Malaca coast. The day trip to Phi Phi islands is the only activity that we booked outside of the resort. We were picked up at the resort, and taken to a marina a short 10 minutes drive away. When we boarded the speedboat, we sailed out to what was the most beautiful scenic ride I've ever been on. The islands rising from the sea as the boats approached, made our entire trip to Thailand worthwhile. 

While on our day trip, we had the chance to snorkel, feed the fishes, enjoy the beach where I took some spectacular photographs. If you ever find yourself in Thailand I highly suggest that you take some time to head out to Phi Phi islands, where the picturesque scenery will be the topic of your conversations for years.

Although I did not get the chance to  explore the main island a little more due to our short time in Phuket, Our few days spent indulging in nothing but luxury and beauty were enough to make me fall in love with this gem in Asia. 

Postcard From Phi Phi Islands

With Love, 

                  From Phuket

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I am an early childhood educator who has fallen in love with the life that I have been given. I am inspired by the beauty in everything that surrounds me to live my best life, loving my hardest, and traveling the furthest possible. Join me on my adventures through life.

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  1. That looks like such a beautiful place, loved this post

    1. Thank you Jess! It was pretty amazing!

    2. I was just thinking the same thing. A little jealous I haven’t been there yet

  2. This place looks absolutely amazing. Love your photography. Definitely a bucket list place for me!

    1. Thank you! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

  3. I’ve been to Thailand twice already, but have yet to make it to Phuket! Your photos are amazing and I love how you have a well-organized and detailed post to read through. Def going to try to squeeze in Phuket the next time I go back to Thailand!

    1. I would love to visit Bangkok and Koh Samui in the future! but I don’t regret making Phuket my first stop 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! This looks like heaven on earth! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Sam! It felt like it too! lol

  5. Just breathtaking !!!

    1. It truly was!

  6. This is so beautiful, I will hopefully be visiting Thailand really soon! I’ll definitely be looking into these spots, the resort looks beyond luxurious! Lucky you! enjoy your trip xx

    1. If you go to Phuket Sri Panwa is surely the place to stay 🙂

  7. This seriously looks so beautiful! I’m so excited to venture to Thailand soon! Hopefully in 2019, fingers crossed!

    1. I hope you make it there! It’s beautiful!

  8. I absolutely love your photography! We ended up getting a villa in Koh Samui and we got a hotel room in Phuket and did all the water activities that were on offer! Phuket will always remain my favourite place!

    1. I was torn between Phuket and Koh Samui, I’m glad I ended up with Phuket, truly a gem!

  9. What a truly breathtaking place! Your photos make me feel like I am there! Thailand has now moved to the top of my bucket list 🙂

    1. haha! Thank you Courtney! Do go, you won’t regret it!

  10. I need to go to Phi Phi Islands. Oh my goodness. So beautiful. The water looks so nice and clean. I love the quote you used to open up this post.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I’m certain you would love Phuket!

  11. My summer is done and it wasn’t what i thought it would be . It’s rather quiet. I hope i can turn it around. These pics of Thailand is really inspiring me to plan so trips to go on before the end of the year. That resort looks like a dream.

    1. I had a slow summer as well, I’m hoping to catch up on some traveling before the year ends as well. Not so sure what my destination would be, but I know you would love Thailand!

  12. OMG! It looks beautiful there, I just posted a bucket list travel series yesterday and Thailand was one of them!! Hope you had a great time!

    1. I should definitely check out your post! Thailand had been on my list for so long, we finally made it there last year for our honeymoon, and as you can tell, it was definitely worth it!

  13. Oh my! That bedroom right on the pool there! I don’t think I’d leave that room – unless it was to get into the pool. This place looks amazing.

    1. we really only left the room to eat lol

  14. So jealous!! It looks so beautiful!! I want to be relaxing in a pool like that right now!

    1. It really was an amazing experience!

  15. These photos are gorgeous!! Makes me want to book a flight right now.

  16. This looks idyllic! How beautiful. My husband and I are looking to hit Asia next year some time and Thailand is definitely on the list. You’ve just made me list the Sri Panwa as a place to stay. Great post!

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

    1. you really can’t go wrong at Sri Panwa!

  17. This is one place I have been on my wish list of places to go. I can not wait to get a trip here.

    1. Thailand is amazing! The beaches are beautiful! you will love it!

  18. oh my goodness! that villa sound sand looks amazing! I have to say that the pool would have totally won me over too! How did you find having a butler? I always thought i would feel a little uneasy with one ..eek!

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  20. What a magical resort! Your photos are as pretty as postcards and I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave. If my husband and I are ever lucky enough to go, I know we’d swim in the Infinity pool (for her) and visit the Phi Phi islands (for him) x

  21. Wow! That’s what I was thinking every time I saw each picture. This is paradise on earth, and every place you mentioned is now on my bucket list. I don’t care how much that villa costs, I will save and stay there. It’s this things that will live in your heart forever.

  22. Thailand is on my list to go in the next year and previously we’d only planned to stay in Phuket 2 days max, but you’re photos and description are making me wonder if we need to stay longer! I love a good sunset too… x

  23. My friends from Thailand always have said it’s the best place to vacation!

  24. Looks like an AMAZING place! Love all the photos!

  25. I keep hearing such great things about Thailand, and your post definitely reiterates it all. It’s good to hear that someone can still have a great time and not have to take 101 excursions. Great pics!

  26. Looks super luxurious and so picturesque. Love all your photos.


  27. I know several people who have been to Thailand, but their pictures look NOTHING like these! What a gorgeous location. Looks like a fantastic trip.

  28. Thailand is on my bucket list! I was actually thinking earlier today about taking a trip there later this year, but then I remembered I’m going to either Paris or Rome in October! The pictures are stunning and the resort looks heavenly. Quick question, how long did you stay in Phuket?
    Great post and you definitely made me day dream even more! Can’t wait to start planning my trip to Thailand 😊

  29. tararaquelfuller says: Reply

    so gorgeous! i keep hearing amazing things about thailand.. haven’t been yet! i’m going to start planning a trip ASAP!

  30. What a stunning property!! I was in Phuket in January and it was beautiful. We also took a day trip to Phi Phi Islands. I cat wait to go back to Thailand!

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  34. lukeandmeagan says: Reply

    Wanderlusting like whoa right now. I can’t decide if I like the views, the accommodations, or the everything else best! Looks like an amazing time 🙂

  35. The resort you’ve stayed at looks absolutely so dreamy! I have a thing for big windows in the bedroom and also for large swimming pools surrounded by nature, where you can definitely relax and enjoy some luxury in your holiday.

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    1. Sri Panwa was undoubtedly one of the nicest resorts I’ve ever stayed in. I hope you get to visit one day. Phi Phi islands is definitely worth the trip.

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