Day 2: What Do You Love Most About Yourself?

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.” -Shannon Alder 

Isn't it ironic how we can find a whole list of things that we love about other people (our spouses, parents, friends) yet when it comes to naming the things we like about ourselves, we either have a hard time finding any, or we don't know how to express our feelings towards our own selves. As if loving yourself is a bad thing! Society has trained us to believe that self love is synonym to narcissism or egocentrism. Yet we wonder why so many people get stuck in unhealthy relationships and  why suicide rates are so high!

If I had to pick what I love THE MOST about myself, it would definitely have to be my personality. I was born with a very strong personality (Alpha Female here!) . For as long as I can remember I always stood out from the crowd, and never ever wanted to fit in. I got into my very first fight at school in first grade ( quite embarrassing, I know). It was the first week of school, and this boy who everyone feared because he was a bully stole my pencil. I immediately reached out for him, biting and kicking! I had never witnessed my siblings fight before, and this was my very first fight. Although I didn't care much about the pencil, I had to send out the message that I am not to be messed with, and that I was scared of NO ONE!  We both got in trouble and my mom was furious because she worked at the school herself. I imagine that she must've been extremely embarrassed! (sorry mom) I believe that I also became a feminist that day lol. I hated boys! What made them think that they're stronger than us? So every time a boy messed with a girl in my class, I took it upon myself to come to her rescue. I think about those childhood memories sometimes and realize that we really are born with our character and personality. Although I'm no longer a fighter and a bully (face palm) I am still very protective of my space, and of myself.

As a teenager, I never cared to follow the crowd. I understood early on that this is my life, and no one should make me do anything that I don't want to do (this doesn't apply to my parents Haitian parents obviously!) .  As a young adult, I grew to like my own company, outside of my very small circle of friends. I spent most of my college evenings watching Greys anatomy on my laptop while my classmates partied. I didn't care about not attending prom or homecoming, or every other event that "everyone" was going to. I could never relate to the term"bad influence" because no one could influence me to do anything. period.  

I'll be completely honest and tell you that I am far from perfect. I have many flaws and I work on certain character traits on a daily basis. However, my personality is who I am. I am very strong minded and opinionated, I am not easily influenced, nor do I care about how others feel about me. I stand my ground, and I go after what I want. I put myself first (took me a long time to learn how to do this), and by all means, I do what makes me happy. 

OK, your turn! What do you most love about yourself? 

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I am an early childhood educator who has fallen in love with the life that I have been given. I am inspired by the beauty in everything that surrounds me to live my best life, loving my hardest, and traveling the furthest possible. Join me on my adventures through life.



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  1. Im so tempted to jump in that challenge as well. Go you for sending out a message to that boy. Im sure your mom was def embarassed but lowkey was proud of you for standing up for yourself.

    1. You should totally join the challenge Sophie!

  2. Yay day 2!!! I’ll keep it short today.
    what i love the most about myself is my caring spirit. It can be a blessing and a curse however i chose to see it as a blessing. I’m always two steps ahead on how to make people happy and put a smile on their face.

    1. You are a breath of fresh Lailou! You spoil the heck out of your friends (including me) and I’m so grateful for friends who are caring like yourself.

  3. I’ve been thinking about joining in on the 30 day challenge. I’ve bed. Debating on my head. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Great post. I love how strong willed you are.

    1. There’s still time to Join Nichole! 🙂

  4. #Day2 It took me a while to give that credit to myself but I’ve been told way too many times about my resilience to not believe it myself. I admire my resilience and optimism (way too optimistic at times lol), I have faced a lot of bad situations in my life where I felt like I’ve hit rock bottom but not once did I feel like “this too wouldn’t pass” besides the tears I’ve shed, the nights I’ve spent praying, the long text messages to my best friends, I somehow always manage to overcome every obstacles I’ve faced. I truly live by this, whatever it is that you’re facing tell yourself that it could have been worst, this too shall pass, choose to keep going !!! it’s always gonna be ok at the end, if it’s not ok yet trust me it’s not the end !

    1. I’m so happy you finally allowed yourself to recognize your strength and resilience. And you’re right nothing lasts forever, even the bad times will pass!

  5. I love that I always go after what I want until I achieve it! This determination of mine has yet to fail me!

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