Day 3: What About You Makes You Special?

You brought my inner parts into being;
You wove me in my mother’s womb.
I will praise you, for You made me with fear and wonder...
Psalm 139:13-16

I have a very sharp memory that allows me to remember most of my childhood. I used to have seizures as a child. I am not quite sure what caused them, but they happened randomly. I remember vividly playing with my siblings on a sunday afternoon, all I remember is my brother tickling me and laughing really hard until I felt like I was running out of breath, then my seizure kicked in. I was always conscious when they happened and they lasted couple of seconds (I wasn't counting so don't quote me). I still don't know what caused them, I never asked my parents. In fact I even forgot that I used to have them until I had to think of what made me "special"  today. 

I never had surgery, and I don't know when they stopped( gotta ask my parents about that too!) . I just know that I haven't had them for the past 22 years (guesstimating), and I've had perfect health ever since. My mom has told me the story of how she fell not once, but twice when she was carrying me! This probably explains why I came out of her belly with a limp arm. The good news is that I regained function of my arm weeks later with no intervention or therapy (God did that!) . 

But none of that even makes me feel special. The icing on the cake for me, was when my mother recently told me during one of our "When are you gonna have children" conversations, that she has had two miscarriages in her life: one before, and one after me (please don't hug her when you see her lol, this was obviously centuries ago!) . Although I was the only "unplanned pregnancy" for my parents, it turns out that God must've really wanted me to enter this earth. Who knows what other miracles he orchestrated on my behalf until this very present moment? All I know is that I am very special and precious to Him, and although my parents won't admit it, I'm pretty sure I turned out to be their favorite child! (Jk, or not!) 

Your Turn! What about you makes you special? 


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