Tintswalo Atlantic Luxury Lodge

A big part of planning a trip is choosing the perfect accommodations. I travel not only to visit new places, but also to indulge in posh hotel grounds, romantic private villas, and views that leave me breathless. My lodging plays a big part of my vacations!  As much as I love sight seeing and exploring, I also love lounging and relaxing and being pampered. I have stayed at resorts that were so enchanting that I didn't want to go out of the resort for visits and sight seeing. Although most of these accommodations are a splurge price wise, once in a while, My husband and I treat ourselves to such delicacies. Trust me when I say that they are worth every penny! 

When I was planning my trip to Cape Town, the process was no different. After much research and planning, I found the perfect romantic lodge for my husband and I to spend a few days. 

After spending a couple of days in the city, (you can read about the first part of our trip here) we made our way to Tintswalo Atlantic. Tintswalo Atlantic is 5-star, award-winning boutique lodge, located literally at the bottom of a hill on Chapman's peak. When we arrived, the agent at the gate instructed us to leave our car in a small lot at the top of the cliff. We were then picked up by a driver who drove us down a steep dirt road. When we got to the bottom, we were awed by this completely secret and private lodge, nestled right on the water with no buildings or prying eyes near to disturb. We knew right away that we were in for a treat. 

Photo provided by Eye See Africa
Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge Photo provided by Eye See Africa

The Room

When we arrived, we were greeted by the manager and were welcomed with warm towels and a cocktail. Soon after, we were directly taken to our room. What sets Tintswalo apart from any other place that I've stayed in is the exclusivity. The lodge has a total of 11 private suites. Each suite is inspired by an island around the world, and is individually decorated. 

We stayed in the Cousine Island suite, which is named after an island  in Seychelles. The aqua colors used in the design of our suite are reminiscent of the beautiful color of the sea in and around its coral reefs. Little touches like the antique furnitures and the potbelly fireplace gave us this warm and cozy feeling of a private home, or a chalet on the mountains. But instead we were right on the ocean, of which we were constantly reminded from the crashing waves on our wooden deck. From our bedroom we had the perfect view of the ocean. Right outside our bedroom, on our deck was a table where we could enjoy drinks and a private meal, which turned out to be perfect for our romantic evenings.

The huge bathroom, with heated tile floors , also offered views of the ocean from the shower and the tub, where I enjoyed my morning coffee and my champagne night caps.  The bathroom walls were adorned with seashells, and the toiletries were from a local eco-friendly brand. 

I was so enamored with the view that I didn't even notice the flat screen TV on the side wall until our second day.  (Who needs TV when mother nature is putting on a show, right?)

The staff for our turn down service was impeccable! They spoiled us with messages spelled out with shells on our chest such as "welcome" and "sleep tight". They would lower our blinds at night so we wouldn't be bothered in the morning by the sun, and refilled our tea and wine every evening. Everything we needed, they thought of! I was really impressed!

Cousine Island suite-photo provided by Management

Cousine Suite bathroom- Provided by Management
View of our Patio from our bedroom
Enjoying Morning ritual (bath & coffee)

The Food

The food at Tintswalo was also part of the experience. Contrary to other hotels where I've stayed, breakfast at Tintswalo is served at your own convenience. Because they emphasize on catering to everyone's specific needs, the kitchen stayed open until each guest ate breakfast in the morning. I was pleasantly surprised when we woke up late, almost around  lunch time, and found the staff  and the chef waiting,  ready to take our order, and cook our breakfast from scratch.  They truly exceeded my expectations when it comes  to the service. 

The choices on the menu were somewhat limited, as is changes daily based on the fresh items available in the kitchen. However,  fresh fruits, yogurts and granola, a hot item like smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, and several desert items were always available. The staff at breakfast was so thoughtful and attentive, they went above and beyond to meet our needs, and by that I mean writing  kind notes on our butter to brighten our day. 

Breakfast highlights



We didn't really get to have lunch at the hotel so I am not able to rate the experience for lunch, but dinner was for sure exquisite. Every evening during sundown, the hotel serves complementary tapas and cocktails to the guests, while they sit on the patio to enjoy the sunset before dinner. On thanksgiving day, we were fortunate enough to partake in this lovely experience. The sunset was mesmerizing, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sunset I've seen. 

The restaurant is open to outside guests for dinner, so it gets a little more crowded at nights than it does in the morning, when only hotel guests are present. However, it does not change the exclusive experience, nor does it make it less enjoyable. 


Sundowner with cocktails and tapas
Magical sunset
Dining Room Patio- Photo provided by management


From the moment that we arrived, we knew that we would enjoy our stay at this little gem. The location was perfect, the staff was friendly and attentive, our room was snug and cozy. We honestly didn't get to visit the  grounds until our third day at the lodge, that's how much we enjoyed the comfort of our suite! 

By the third day we decided to go for a dip in the pool, which was a little secluded from the rooms, towards the end of the hotel. It seems as though they placed it there on purpose to give the guests  more privacy. Although a little small, the pool deck was just the right for the guests. The highlight however, were the hammocks planted right on the ocean. What else could one possibly need for optimal relaxation? 

This gem is prime spot for couples wanting to getaway for a little romance. Wherever you are on this romantic property, you will hear the sea lapping against the rocks. Those looking for peace and seclusion should definitely stay at this magical spot whenever visiting Cape Town. 

After three blissful days, it was time for us to leave this little piece of paradise. We were certainly saddened, but we were excited about the next part of our trip. So we said our goodbyes to the amazing staff that we would miss, grabbed our bags, and headed to the country side, the winelands.

To be continued...

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  1. Just beautiful! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Tintswalo and from the look of it you made it look far better than I expected. I loved all the pics and after reading, this is a location one is sure to enjoy while in Capetown! Thanks for sharing Laura! Love it

    1. Always a pleasure to share Debbie! Tinswalo has several lodges and all of them are amazing! I hope I get to visit their safari lodge in the future.

  2. Beautiful post, love it, I would love to travel to South Africa but it seems like a lonnnnng journey. I love the pictures, great job!!!!

    1. Thank you dear! It sure is a long journey, but it’s worth it! I would go back in a heart beat.

  3. Hi Laura! I just finished reading your South Africa trip series, and It was great! This must have been such a memorable experience! Can’t wait to read more about your traveling experiences.

  4. This is SO beautiful! I am dyinnnnnng to visit here. *Added to my bucket list*

  5. What an awesome accommodation! It would be so tough to head out when it looks so cosy there!

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